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Probate leads get you in front of motivated sellers.

Armed with this data, you can reach Executors/Administrators tasked with liquidating the real estate portion of the estate.

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You are in the real estate business, not the court research business.

Our research team can take the tedium out of finding probate properties by doing the heavy lifting for you.

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How many probate, trust or inherited properties are in your backyard?

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Probate filings delivered to your inbox. We do the tedious research for you.

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We'll provide marketing insights and strategies to make the data actionable.

Get metrics of probate leads in your area.

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With an aging baby boomer population,

there will be TRILLIONS of dollars transferred from one generation to the next in the coming years.

Nearly always, the heirs want to liquidate the estate home.
Yet probated properties are unlisted, unpublished and unknown. We help you capture your share of this shadow inventory by compiling a list of probate leads in your own backyard.

download a sample probate list to see what it looks like.

The probate list is delivered to your inbox with all of the details you need to start an outreach campaign to motivated sellers.

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About the Founder

Morry Eghbal started his business career in real estate more than 30 years ago. He has bought, fixed, and sold hundreds of properties in Southern California. Morry is passionate about finding solutions and simplifying the work of business owners, realtors, and investors like himself.
  • Founder of offering daily updated 155,000,000 property tax records as well as nationwide daily foreclosures.
  • Morry is the Founder and CEO of, which offers nationwide inheritance real estate property data/leads in 42,000 zip codes for realtors and investors. Over 300,000 properties we post a year sell or transfer title.
  • Founder of your best source for skip tracing phone and email, providing up to 10 possible phone numbers and one email address to your data.
  • Founder of offering researched probate case filings to wholesalers, investors and realtors in over 500 counties.
  • Co-founder of, the most economic cloud base power dialer in the market with the ability to send text and email for just $49 a month.
  • Inventor of Dial through your Excel files.
  • Owner of mailing over 2,000,000 letters a year for investors, realtors and attorneys.
  • Founder of connecting attorney to the heirs of estate before they file probate.
  • Founder of creating workflow productivity Excel VBA tools such as Zillow Scrubber, one column phone organizer and many others.
  • we clean and append to your data all the real estate fields you are missing.

Morry is the father of four children, two of which are Autistic and has two grandsons. Even though he has a busy schedule, he devotes time to helping church ministries at Water of Life Community Church in Fontana, CA and loves the LORD!