Download Sample Probate Leads

Although we can’t predict the future, we can do the next best thing by furnishing a list of probate leads that allow you to make an introduction with the Personal Representative. This is the individual appointed by the Probate Court to liquidate the assets in the estate, pay creditors, taxes, other estate-related expenses, and distribute the remaining proceeds to the heirs. This is done in accordance with the wishes of the deceased when a will is present, or intestate succession when there is no will.
Given such a staggering amount of wealth that will be transferred from baby boomers to the next generation, every real estate needs to seriously consider adding probates to their portfolio.
With over 3,000 counties nationwide, probate leads will vary in terms of the breadth and depth of information provided on output, but for illustration let’s examine a list of probate properties in Southern California. You get the Case Number, address of the probated property, estimated value of the estate home, the dollar amount of total assets in the estate, whether the PR has been granted full or limited authority, and the contact details of the PR, attorney and heirs, among other details. To get more specifics in your market, call 909-315-5330. rolex replica swiss
The list is sent to your inbox in the form of an Excel attachment. If you take the peel, stick and mail approach, this format works seamlessly with a mail merge. In many instances, you get the phone number of the Personal Representative so that you can get the conversation started on the telephone – ask us about phone scripts and verbiage that has worked well for other realtors and investors.

See a sample probate list ?